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This is code repository that I (David Speight) use. I have written, created, copied, and adopted the code snippets here. Adopted is probably the key word! Over the past fifteen (15) years I’ve kept most of these snippets on my computer. Now that I am I a position working for multiple locations I decided to make these snippets available to me (and to you) from nearly anywhere.

Many of my notes contained a link to the source code. Whenever I found such, I was sure to include it here so credit may be given where due. My apologies to the hundreds of other source I’ve borrowed from and failed to save a link.

Each year, my company has been generous enough to send me to the SQL PASS Summit in Seattle. A lot of my code comes from examples given there or found at my local SQL Saturday here in Orlando, Florida.

If you borrow any code from this source, be sure to test it out. Things work differently on different systems and versions.

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